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Applications Management System for PHP (AppsCMS) - RELEASE NOTES

Copyright (C) 2013 to 2018 Robert Fulton
SVN Build: $Id: 210 2019-01-09 13:56:44Z robert0609 $

AppsCMS Logo

Released AppsCMS to the public domain under the BSD 3-Clause license.
See ""

Release Notes - V2.07 - January 2019

Fixed bug in javascript function names for multi entry settings.
Improvements in multiple input selection code.
Has a beta release V2.07b1.
Fixed bug in data_sep checks.
Has a beta release V2.07b2.
Added vw settings to attribute sizes.
Added login page selection column to pagebodies DB table.
Bugfixes in DB exports.
Added setting option to include apps/stylesheets/apps.css on all body pages in the <head> section.
Moved the standard APPS
defined to configure.php.
Improvements to return to search operation.
Has a beta release V2.07b3.


Next Release Notes - V2.06 - December 2018

Performance optimization in Cdatabase_sqlite.
Improvements to install processes in Ccms_install and Ccms_general classes.
Added 'no_body' index for to get_admin_uris() methods for app admin extensions.
Added zip log files and limit number of log files options for AppsCMS logs in /var/logs/.
Speed improvements in global definitions.
Fixed the no session cookie bug.
Added Cookies section to AppsCMS manual.
Added cookie policy configurations.
Has an interim release V2.06r1.
Added options for DB query logging to cms_configs table.
Improvements to contactus plugin.
Added more configuration for messages.
Bugfix for value name in configuration editor.
Has an interim release V2.06r2.
Added options filter on select drop downs with improvements to filter operation.
Bugfixes to message output.
Bugfix left column position.
Has an interim release V2.06r3.
Added config code to work with symlinked pages/apps.
Bug fix for admin search.
Has an interim release V2.06r4.
Fixed export of apps cms_bodies table.
Added debug msg type.
Added head default extras for meta name and content values.
Added the aliased timezones to timezone selection.
Converted the remaining "\n" strings to PHP_EOL.
Has an interim release V2.06r5.
Bugfix in <head> generator.
Fixed the download link to github.
Fixed to tech manual.
Fixed urls in CSS minified files.
Improvements to multi-line entries settings (e.g. custom colours).
Has an interim release V2.06r6.
Bug fixes to serialization of configuration strings and arrays.
Not released as V2.06

Release Notes - V2.05 - November 2018

Bugfixes and PHP 5 to PHP 7 compatibility changes.
Added Ccms_apps_base::recurse_copy()
Improvements in browser detection.
Bugfixes and improvements in Cmsgs, Ccms_apps_base and Ccms_edit classes.
Added config DB exports to tables on entry to edit pages.
Added cms/examples/apps/lib/ directory.

Release Notes - V2.04 - October 2018

Changed the installer script name from "" to ""
Now does not change .htaccess index.php login.php logout.php files when updating.
Bug fix in define REBUILD_MODE.
Added the cms/lib/ directory for 3rd party libraries.
Revised system installed WYSIWYGs.
Added domain SSL checks.
Added the "Cmedia_conv_plugin" class for text and markdown files.
Fixed naming convention on "LOGIN_VIA_HOMEPAGE" to "LOGIN_VIA_HOMEPAGE_BOOL".
Added the validate_email() method for user and domain checks.
Changed contact us messages to appear under the input field.
Fixed the theme colour selector.
Added the required message to Cmsgs class.
Fixed the Contactus cancel button.
Fixed message cnt bug in Cmsgs class,
Added "Cminify_plugin" class for cached CSS and JS minified output.

Release Notes - V2.03 - October 2018

Improved login security,
Long name change from "Applications Content Management System for PHP"
to "Applications Management System for PHP".
Improvements to on screen message handling,
Added AppsCMS logo to About AppsCMS page and AppsCMS Manual page,
Added an automated install process.
Many small improvements and bug fixes.

Release Notes - V2.02 - October 2018

Correct a error in ETC_WS_IMAGES_DIR definition.
Corrections/additions to about and manual pages.
Added on installation to shown the about page.

Release Notes - V2.01 - October 2018

Initial V2 release.

Release Notes - V2.00 - October 2018

Web Site:

Previously released as BW-CMS V0 and V1 by BRAEWORKS.
AppsCMS is a replacement for BW-CMS.