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Applications Management System Library for PHP (AppsCMS) - V3.07.9

The AppsCMS came from the need to have an easy to install, use and maintain web backend application management system for workshops, store rooms and laboratories.

AppsCMS also has an inbuilt links manager (like a web accessible bookmarks page) where teams or groups links are displayed. Common uses for the links manager page are indexing web documents, providing links to internal and external business URLs, providing developement links (e.g. to git branches and master web code links) and many other possibilities.

The AppsCMS can operate on an isolated intranet network, making it ideal for internal private web sites. As well as for public access web sites.

The AppsCMS is a PHP developers web multiple Applications Management System Library. Not wanting to wrangle with abstract concepts (both software and design) in mainstream content management systems and deal with problematic installations, I wrote the AppsCMS for this role.

Access to web pages is controlled by user and group permissions. Individual users or groups can have administration privileges, to a page or to the whole web site. Users with privileges are required to have a username and password. Access by public (guest) users is controlled by permissions.

AppsCMS provides settings and configuration pages to write, edit and maintain the contents.

A further consideration is to have a common method to link to locally installed tools (e.g. WebSVN, Database tools, Regex testers, etc).

AppsCMS also provides a methods for displaying only the necessary content for each user or group. A user can log into AppsCMS. Each user can be a member of a number of groups and so allows content set for group/s to display the appropriate pages. A user also be an administrator or a group manager.

The AppsCMS has many built in aids including programming aids, log viewing, debugging, examples and setup searches. Making the AppsCMS easy to learn and implement.

The Users Manual has more details on the AppsCMS.

The installation comes as a self installing bash script (2,2MB) for LINUX and a ZIP (1.6M) file for general installations. Available on the "https://github.com/AppsCMS/AppsCMS_Latest/" repository and on "https://appscms.org/dist-pkgs/" web sites.


As AppsCMS has been useful, AppsCMS has been released under the The 3-Clause BSD Licence.

Refer to LICENCE.

Refer to the Technical Manual Licence for more licence information.

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